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FOXX ARCHIVE: Jeffrey Jay Foxx, Ethnographic Photographer

To quote of our President, “this is hard work.” The people who were very helpful include: AJ Saunders, Christiana Dittmann, Bruce McInnes, Peter Ketchum, John Bacolo, Randy Duchaine, Garry Gross, Ben Barney, Marti Malovany, Cristina Taccone, Chip Morris, John Burstein, Trudy Blum, Margot Schevill, Hank duFlon, IncaEd, Nilda Callñaupa, Roger Rosen, Phil Cantor, Rogelio Paris, Cecilia Ponte, Marc Mellon, Bill Pierce, Dan McCoy, Woodfin Camp, Izzy Seidman, Larry Labonte, the Weisbergs, my family, Color Edge Lab, Kodak. Many mechanics. Not named but plainly obvious was help from the people in the photographs!

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